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  1. Hello Doug,
    Thank you so much for setting Peter’s poems to music and song. I was very sorry not to be able to attend with Ruth but she did record one for me and I hope to hear the remainder soon. I know Peter would be very pleased and I am sure his presence was with you all. He has left us all with a beautiful legacy with his poems and reverence of life. He has shown us all how a meaningful life can be attained and lived,
    Once again, thank you so much.
    Peter’s brother, Michael

    1. Hello Michael.
      Thank you very much for your greeting. You were in our thoughts on Thursday, as well as Peter of course. I feel honoured and moved that Ruth prompted me to make these settings, and that, with David’s and Isobel’s help, they came across so well. I am sorry to have not yet got ‘Grey Skies’ and ‘Soul’s Serenity’ onto the website, but I hope to put them there in this coming week.
      I’m not very ‘tekky’, and there are pieces that should have gone onto the site long since. Remembering how extraordinarily moved I was by your reading of George Herbert’s ‘Love 3’ at Peter’s funeral, I am remembering that some years ago I made a setting of that poem for voice and piano that I have not yet uploaded. I must attend to doing that as well.
      I wish you and yours peace and all joy.

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