Do not let your hearts be troubled

A versification and setting of words from John chapter 14. I realized that the opening sentence of John 14 fits beautifully to the first line of music in a much-loved Welsh lullaby Suo Gân (though the lullaby has two phrases to a line rather than the hymn’s one.) The tone of the lullaby is deeply comforting, and this accords with the fact that the opening verses of John 14 make a popular choice of reading for use at funerals. So comfort, reassurance, is what this hymn is intended to offer.

The only original words are the couplet “Work today for deepest healing of the world’s enduring woe…”; it represents Jesus’ encouragement of his followers to go on faithfully doing what has to be done, in the specifics of life here and now.


Do not let your hearts be troubled.midi