The hymns in this section are composed in many different forms and styles. Each has an introductory note, and a recording of the music. Most hymns have a further note at the end, indicating relevant information: sources referenced, occasion of or reason for writing, technical hints for use in worship. In addition, nearly half are followed  by a more detailed commentary.


The hymns are classified as follows:

* my texts to well-known tunes. These are immediately accessible for congregations

**my music to others’ words. Some can be easily and quickly learned by congregations. Others would be best learned with the help of a choir

*** my texts and my music together. Again, many can be learned by congregations, though it would be helpful to have a choir leading.

Many of the pieces that began as hymns are linked to other categories – hymn-anthems, songs, and anthems – because they fit more readily in those categories.

Most pieces can be accompanied on the organ, but a piano/keyboard is essential for some. Where a band plays in church, musicians will recognise which pieces can be appropriately arranged for the band’s instruments.