I have had a hand in composing everything here. Some pieces elaborate someone else’s work, but most are wholly my own. Most of the hymns and anthems were written to be offered in worship, and many of them have been. Many of the poems are dedicated to people for special occasions, but I trust they resonate more widely. I hope you can find much that you would like to download, whether for public worship or private use.

The earliest hymns and songs were composed between 1968 and 1979. Some of the hymns consist of my words to well-known tunes; others, of my music to well-known words. Most combine my words and music in new compositions.

Here is a taster, posted 21st January 2021

This is a hymn for any season of the year.


There are some hundred and eighty hymns, some anthems and hymn-anthems, a good number of songs, and quite a lot of poems. I plan in due course to add more hymns, songs, and poetry; some anthems as well.

A plain recording is attached to each hymn. Some use General MIDI Soundset, but most are MP3s , using either a Yamaha grand piano (thank you, Ray D’Inverno), or else Sibelius Sounds Essentials. I expect in due course to replace all the MIDI recordings with live MP3s. In the longer term, I hope to add some vocal recordings as well.

You are welcome to download from this site. I should be glad of feedback on the content, especially if you use any of this material in worship. I am not charging for downloads, but I do ask for donations, which I intend to pass on to the Bursary Fund of the Royal School of Church Music.

Happy browsing!

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